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Meadow Carpet by MOOOI

Today, we’re going to show you the carpet collection called Meadow Carpet by MOOOI designed by Emma Larsson and inspired by the infinite marvels of nature. The iridescent colours of these carpets seem like brushstrokes of watercolour paintings with extravagant abstract shapes, and can make any room unique and absolutely charming.

The soft luminous colours are a tribute to the variety found in natural landscapes. The Meadow Carpet collection reflects Emma Larsson’s desire to bring that variety into our homes to produce a unique effect of an exclusive and comfortable “watercolour” surface.

Emma Larsson is a famous illustrator with an art studio in Stockholm. Each of her creations is a perfect blend of colour, brushstrokes and the wonders of nature. Her works, finished in a unique and recognizable style, are on display in several art galleries in Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the United States.

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