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Urquiola's Almendra by Flos: the Light of Nature

Flos has an amazing new creation designed by Patricia Urquiola that has the same curved shape as a natural almond shell. This new suspension lamp is part of a highly technological but sustainable modular system that can reduce environmental impact to a minimum.

Almendra is made of aluminium and bioplastics: polycarbonates derived from paper. It is shaped like a natural branch to convey a striking poetic light.

A few years ago, Urquiola created the Serena lamp for Flos, along with a suspended version that was never put into production for a variety of reasons.

Almendra (which means “Almond” in Spanish) emerges from that idea. The concept has evolved and taken on a new shape that reflects childhood memories of almond trees in the spring, with the oval container that literally opens to “release the luminous fruit”.

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