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New Starfall Light by Moooi

The Starfall Light by Moooi was inspired by the beauty of nature, and science was the driver behind its development. This suspension light promises to bring the magic of the night sky directly into your home.

A modern masterpiece of lighting, the Starfall Light was designed by Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren, members of the Swedish design studio Front, after having spent time in the remote Swedish forests immersed in tranquillity under a starry sky. The idea for Starfall came as they observed the firmament in a place far from light pollution, where the stars shine in all their glory. They wanted to capture that experience and transfer it into the domestic environment. The result is a chandelier with pendant light bulbs that form different "stars" hanging at different lengths. This gives it a three-dimensional effect that makes spectator feel as if they were under a starry sky.

Therefore, Starfall Light makes it possible to live constantly under the stars, creating a feeling of tranquility and wonder every time it is turned on.

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