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Hana Chairs by MOOOI: Comfort and Beauty Triumphs

Hana is a family of chairs made by MOOOI to be symbols of relaxation and comfort.

They were inspired by the delicate way a flower blooms, as its name suggests. Hana means "blossom" in Japanese.

Shaped just like a blooming flower, the Hana chair and armchair wrap gracefully around the human body offering a comfortable and inviting space to relax and reflect. Designed by Simone Bonanni, each chair in this product family represents a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and ergonomics. The organic forms and the petal-shaped backrest create a safe, cosy embrace.

The Hana chair is versatile, customizable and stackable, and it matches any room furnishing scheme in the home. The Hana armchair seems to be sculpted to satisfy the body’s need for comfort and support. Both chairs can be covered with a vast range of fabrics or leathers, creating the perfect match for your home.

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