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Hints of Autumn in G.T.DESIGN Carpets

Suggestions of the fall season are apparent in G.T.DESIGN carpets, which offer soft textures, natural fibres, and warm tones of colour. The creations of Deanna Comellini, designer and art director of the brand, are artisan pieces that explore warm, neutral shades in three different products: Kama, Himalayan Skin and In-Canto.

Kama, an icon introduced by G.T.DESIGN in 2001, was an innovation in the carpet sector with its handwoven viscose fibre structure. This fibre captures light and makes it dance on its texture, thanks to a thick yarn with unequalled softness, luminosity and depth of colour.

Himalayan Skin, on the other hand, is a contemporary carpet made with natural fibres that combine well with natural, ethical philosophy of the original collection in nettle fibre. This collection was inspired by the roots of human civilization: introducing traditional jute fibre, a natural textile made from the stalk of plants that grow in humid places.

The In-Canto carpet, with its light and enchanting weave, was instead made in bamboo viscose obtained with a modern manual weaving technique. It is made with non-toxic pigments.

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