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G.T.Design Dealer – Milan - Italy

G.T.Design Carpets

For over 40 years, the company G.T.Design has produced design carpets of the highest quality. They made a pondered decision to specialize in this particular accessory because of their deep passion for rigour and competence. Deanna Comellini, the director, defines the carpet as “the ground on which we were all born” to emphasize the intimate, daily realm of this object which has always been present in everyone’s homes.

If you are trying to find a way to add a touch of style to your home or office, G.T.Design carpets could be the perfect solution. Available in a wide selection of colours, patterns, and sizes, these carpets were designed to satisfy the tastes of every customer. Come to our Bredaquaranta showrooms in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni (MI) to choose the most suitable G.T.Design carpet for your space. Our experts will be there to help you.

Through the years, G.T.Design has kept the ancient traditional techniques alive and blended them with influences from other cultures to find a meeting point between artisan know-how and culture. The company’s current intention is to create contemporary-style carpets that feature an important artistic content in each project. The colour palette is decisive, as well as the quality of the technical yarns that are selected to produce a carpet as an authentic design piece. One example is the Kama carpet. Viscose fibre yarn allows it to capture light and make it fluctuate within the texture.

According to G.T.Design, carpets are also an expression of the technological era that we are experiencing: innovative materials like linen, coconut, and bamboo are blended with hemp, silk, and wool to create high-performance carpets for indoors and outdoors. Moreover, G.T.Design carpets are made to resist stains and deformation, therefore they are ideal for high traffic zones like living rooms and entrances.

G.T.Design also makes customized carpets with made-to-order dimensions or colours. With their vast selection of colours and patterns, these carpets can easily be adapted to any room. In addition, their high quality construction makes G.T.Design carpets into a lasting investment.

G.T.Design also makes carpets for outdoor spaces in vegetable fibre, especially coconut, a sustainable natural material that grows with only rainwater and has no need for pesticides. They decided to use this material to furnish outdoor spaces because it is extremely durable, insulating and anti-bacterial. G.T.Design outdoor carpets are truly charming. Their distinctive look comes from a combination of typical irregularities of manual weaving and the technical processes that create unique, versatile textures.

One of the most recognizable G.T.Design carpets is Cobblestone, inspired by the ancient stone streets in historical centres of old cities. This pattern was replicated on the carpet with blocks in different hues. Shapes and shades of colour can be combined as desired to create infinite possibilities. Another design carpet collection is Boom, in bamboo fibre and wool, which stands out for its softness. The modern Campi di Gravità carpet is ideal for people looking for an exclusive and essential design complement. Its name translates as “Fields of Gravity” and it was created to express emotions through primary colours while playing with abstract figures. Ancient weaving techniques have brought us In-Canto, a precious carpet that provides a unique visual experience through a selection of nuanced colours. This totally vegan and non-toxic model has a light, captivating texture.

In conclusion, G.T.Design carpets are an excellent choice for people looking for a way to add a touch of style their home or office. These beautiful, functional and durable carpets will certainly add value to any room. We look forward to seeing you at our G.T.Design retail showroom in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni. You can ask our interior designers for a consultation.

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