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Boom and In-Canto: Velvety Natural Fibre Carpets by G.T. Design

Boom is a contemporary carpet from G.T. Design characterized by a dense weave, in New Zealand wool that supports light, velvety bamboo fibres. This fascinating association between different textile structures recalls the contrast and harmony of the first spring flowers that bloom early and unexpectedly.

The In-Canto carpet offers the same workmanship, magnetic light, and welcoming feel as Boom, in a sophisticated colour and a precious, unique material.

It’s a modern expression of a contemporary luxury carpet with a light, seductive texture produced by the shimmering properties of bamboo viscose highlighted through a modern hand-weaving technique, which was developed through years of experimentation with this yarn. Only 8 mm thick, this precious magnetic carpet shines in the light and offers an unparalleled tactile and visual experience, blending perfectly with the surrounding environment. In-Canto is a sustainable vegan carpet that uses non-toxic and azo-free dyes.

In traditional interiors, both carpets can add a touch of minimalism and lightness, but in modern rooms, they embellish and add to the style.

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