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Elegance and Functionality: I-Box by MisuraEmme

MisuraEmme proudly presents the Palo Alto I-Box wardrobe system, a design masterpiece created by Gianni Borgonovo. This sophisticated wardrobe is the perfect combination of aesthetic linearity and impeccable functionality, because it offers a complete solution for the bedroom.

The inspiration for the Palo Alto I-Box was non-stop research for refined elegance that is precise and virtuous. This objective manifests through a “transparent” design based on a total vision, which gracefully shows the objects that we want to put on display. Available finishes include glass, mirror and metal, all masterfully integrated to add a distinctive touch to the I-Box wardrobe system. Thin, functional doors that open to 180° contribute to creating a unique aesthetic style and further enhance the wardrobe’s visual appearance.

In addition to being beautiful, the wardrobe stands out for its impeccable functionality. With intelligent storage and internal organization solutions, Palo Alto I-Box can adapt to practical needs of everyday life, and offer the perfect balance between form and function.

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