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New Hungry Frog Lamp by Qeebo

The new Hungry Frog lamp by Qeebo, designed by Marcantonio, is a delightful table/wall light made in the shape of a frog that looks like it swallowed a light bulb.

Light flows out from inside the frog as if it were coming from its stomach. The cable connected to the light bulb in the reptile's mouth is 180 cm long and covered in fabric. It has an integrated switch that makes it possible to put it in any corner.

This small lamp comes in many colours. It is made of PMMA, with dimensions of 15 x 19 x 10 cm and it only weighs 1 kg.

After attending the Academy of Fine Arts, Marcantonio Malerba began creating unique design pieces and enhancing them with irreverent and highly memorable artistic concepts.

His collection for the brand is like a description of the connection between mankind and nature, in he explores the dynamics and beauty of this relationship. As he explains: "I always include irony; irony is a serious matter." We also remember the evocative "Turtle Carry" series by Marcantonio for Qeebo.

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