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Qeeboo Dealer – Milan - Italy

Qeeboo Design Products

Qeeboo is a company founded in 2016 in Milan. Its objective is to create imaginative and irreverent products, in which the design concept mixes with the language of emotion. The company began in the creative Tortona district in downtown Milan. This area is known for being a place where artists and designers would meet and also one of the centres of action during the Fuorisalone.

The intent of Qeeboo is to create design complements that tell a story and can be used by people who want to add them to their unique personal furnishing schemes to reflect their personalities. With its pop design and collaborations with prestigious brands, Qeeboo encountered success right from the start when its debut pieces sold out. To get a closer look at these products and choose the one that is best for you, come to our Bredaquaranta showrooms where we sell Qeeboo products in Milan and the province.

Qeeboo design complements are made mainly in plastic, and a wide range of finishes allow them to be interpreted in harmony with their designated uses. The goal for each object is to bring something more to the room, maybe a touch of originality or surprise, without ever forgetting the attention to detail and quality of the product itself. Qeeboo stands halfway between classic design and the imagination for its desire to create surprising objects that can communicate stories to anyone who can see them. A vast range of design products is available for that very reason: to reach the largest number of people possible and make sure that anyone can add a unique touch to their own home, garden or office.

Collaborations with designers are crucial for the brand, which selects the most eclectic people to work with and share their vision. The added value comes from the extensive experience and influence that is interpreted by each designer within the lens of their own vision and creativity.

Qeeboo is continuously evolving, both to develop new products and to optimize production processes by integrating new technologies and new materials. Through its continuous research, the brand has developed injection moulded products that demonstrate its expertise in making large sized objects. Some examples are the Giraffe in Love lamps and Kong XL, which are unique large-sized lamps developed by the company to be accessible to any budget. These products stand out for their particular timeless design, and they are made to last forever. The secret of the durability of Qeeboo complements is polyethylene, a flexible plastic material that is resistant and 100% recyclable.

Qeeboo Icons in Milan

The most iconic product by Qeeboo is the Rabbit chair, which belongs to a collection of pieces with soft curved lines that mimic the shapes of animals. The rabbit’s ears form the backrest of the chair. Another iconic product is the Teddy lamp, available in different variants and colours to adapt to any taste. The Ribbon chair is for people who want a touch of personality in their minimal style dining room. The ribbon-shaped backrest will not go unnoticed, and adds a hint of originality and romanticism to the furnishing scheme.

To see all of the brand’s icons and their latest products, we invite you to our Bredaquaranta showrooms. We are Qeeboo dealers in Milan and the province, and our experts can help you select the product that is perfect for you. They will also show you all of the available variants.

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