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Games of Light and Water: Apollo by AntonioLupi

Apollo is the new bathroom concept from AntonioLupi, which combines light and water in an innovative shower head collection. The LED lighting comes on when the water is turned on.

Consisting of one wall element and two ceiling elements, the collection features iconic elegant design. The wall element is made of Y-shaped cast brass, the result of careful consideration of the architecture of the showerhead system.

Technology plays a crucial role in this project by enabling the original idea to be fully completed and the components to be miniaturized. The overhead showers offer state-of-the-art rain spray or power jets, guaranteeing a uniquely relaxing shower experience.

Apollo is introducing a new type of showerhead that combines lighting and water jet functionality in a single composition. Its double function makes it more attractive and adds beauty to the bathroom, while its tubular design overturns traditional paradigms. With Apollo, showering becomes a holistic experience that satisfies the senses, through the dual flow of light and water that creates a relaxing atmosphere and visual comfort.

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