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Antonio Lupi
Antonio Lupi Dealer – Milan - Italy

Antonio Lupi furniture

The Antonio Lupi company was founded in the ‘50s out of great courage and a passion for beautiful things. Initially specialized in processing glass and crystal, after a few years, the company began to specialize in producing mirrors, chandeliers, and later on, bathroom furniture. At the end of the ‘60s, the company’s growth made it possible to expand production to offer the idea of a “total look”, or rather, a series of coordinated bathroom products that could be used to create a harmonious and well planned room.

Research is one of the factors that has impacted the company’s success the most. On many occasions, they have pioneered the use of innovative materials and techniques. One of these instances was in 2002, when they created the first washbasin in Corian, called Slot, which had a contemporary design and no drain unit. The company’s extensive research and development work also produced a patent for a new material called Flumood: it’s ecological, compact, non-porous and non-toxic, and it proved to be perfect for making fixtures because it is easy to clean. Another material resulting from Antonio Lupi research is Cristal Mood, a resin that’s transparent like crystal but as durable as stone. Master artisans still work with this extremely versatile material with a manual production process, from pouring the material to the final polishing phase.

As we can imagine, there is a large-scale process of research and development behind Antonio Lupi products, which inevitably results in products of excellent quality that are ideal for people who want a distinctive bathroom furnishing scheme that stands out for its design and quality.

Antonio Lupi collections are designed by the most illustrious Italian designers, like Carlo Colombo and Roberto Lazzeroni. These professionals combine innovation and tradition to reinterpret the company philosophy in the best possible way, creating unique bathroom furnishings with fine design. All collections uphold the total look philosophy, by offering complete furnishing systems that include cabinets, sinks, tubs and accessories so that it is easy to create unique, scenographic room layouts.

The Ala collection by Carlo Colombo emerges from a simple idea that is linear like a shelf. It becomes the ideal suspended countertop that can hold sinks of any form and dimension. Another product from the same designer is the Panta Rei bathroom cabinet, a system of completely customizable drawers in dimensions and colours designed ad hoc for the specific space.

Roberto Lazzeroni created a romantic bathroom for Antonio Lupi. It’s ideal for people who do not love the minimal modern style, but instead want to include suggestions from past furnishing styles, typically found in homes of the bourgeoisie. Solid wood is paired with modern tapware and sinks to create a lovely environment with a singular flair.

If you would like to design a bathroom with furniture and fixtures from Antonio Lupi, you can come and talk to the team of designers and architects at the Bredaquaranta showrooms in Milan or Sesto San Giovanni. They can show you all of the brand’s products, and they will help you choose and design the best solution for your personal needs.

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