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Solid Wood Outdoor Furniture for Riva1920

Riva1920's new outdoor furniture collections introduce teak, scented cedar, and water-repellent fabrics for an unprecedented outdoor experience. Solid wood provides reliability, and the soft organic shapes define the seats and tables, which are perfect for outdoor relaxation spaces.

The Bungalow collection, designed by Jamie Durie, is being redone with teak wood and water-repellent fabrics, which ensures weather resistance. This line demonstrates the company’s attention to detail and careful selection of materials.

The company also produces the beautiful Cedarwood collection, made of scented Lebanese cedar. These pieces made of untreated natural wood take on a dove-grey patina over time. The wood is sourced from fallen trees or trees that have been cut for safety reasons, and this wood has been treated with a specific anti-fungus treatment to make it resistant to water and humidity.

The Solid Swing Outdoor and Vela Outdoor versions of the brand's best-selling tables are also made of scented cedar wood. The elegant design, with contrasting curved and straight lines, gives a sense of lightness and movement to these new collections, thus completing Riva1920's range for outdoor spaces.

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