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Riva 1920
Riva 1920 Dealer – Milan - Italy

Riva 1920 furniture dealer

Riva 1920 has a full century of experience that began in the heart of Brianza, the cradle of Italy's exclusive furniture district.

The company's main project was to create very high quality environmentally friendly furnishings from sustainable raw materials: wood harvested from reforested and monitored land that is then finished exclusively with 100% natural oils and waxes.

Riva1920 seeks out the finest woods for its wardrobes, tables, beds, and bookcases:

  • Kauri: an ancient wood from New Zealand whose dimensions make it the perfect material for creating unique design furnishings. This wood is harvested in marshes, where it has been buried for thousands of years, and it retains all of the typical characteristics of freshly cut timber.
    Designers at Riva1920 have successfully given new life to this precious wood, by creating tables that can be up to 12 m in length.
  • Lebanese Cedar: this legendary Middle Eastern tree, famous for its lush vegetation, is harvested by Riva1920 from managed forests or where trees have fallen as a result of natural events. The richly aromatic cedar wood is used to make chairs, armchairs and stools. It is also perfect for making wardrobes and walk-in closets due to its natural moth repellent properties.
  • Briccole: these are the famous wood posts seen in the Venice lagoon. These fine oak boards have been changed by the weather, salty water and molluscs. After they can no longer be used to mark shipping lanes, Riva1920 turns them into charming, unique pieces of furniture with rich historical backgrounds.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Riva 1920 brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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