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Visionnaire Presents New Leonardo Dining Table

The Leonardo table was designed by Alessandro La Spada per Visionnaire. It is an example of excellence in the field of design and regarding the quality of the materials.

The table’s wooden base is actually a sculpture worthy of this artistic definition. It has a plinth and concave vertical profiles covered in polished stainless steel. The surface shows alternating concave and convex sections.

Made with a ribbed bas-relief surface decoration, the sculpted vertical panels come with glossy finishes in various metallic colours or upholstered in Soft leather.

Decorative curved stainless steel profiles can be finished in different metallic finishes.

The oval marble tabletop with a half-bullnose border is supported by an undertop in glossy painted MDF, available in a wide range of RAL colours.

The Leonardo table is also available in a Slim version, with a reduced base and a stainless steel support plate on the floor.

This table is perfect for prestigious rooms to enrich the atmosphere with its distinctive sculptural presence. Ideal for refined dining rooms or professional offices, Leonardo is a unique piece that captures the observer’s attention and adds value to any room with its personality.

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