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Visionnaire Dealer – Milan - Italy

Visionnaire international dealer

Visionnaire, initially named IPE, was founded in 1959 by the three Cavalli brothers. Since it opened, the company has specialised making upholstered furniture with polyurethane foam padding using advanced methods that were an authentic revolution at the time.
Art and design blend in projects that became true icons, like the Mercury armchair that was presented at the first edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
In the 2000s, the completely new Visionnaire Collection was launched, and it was different from all other products offered by other Italian furniture brands. Particular lines and innovative subjects made Visionnaire into a unique brand able to interpret the concept of luxury through dark and esoteric inspirations.
In the years that followed, the brand enjoyed important success, mainly in the foreign European and North American markets. The company was also able to make progress with a new type of client thanks to inspirations from Art Design and its “Greenery” proposals, which involved materials with low environmental impact.
Over the years, Visionnaire has won dozens of awards and today the brand can say that it does business in 55 countries with 31 single-brand stores.

Visionnaire Decalogue: Identity and Future

Visionnaire’s philosophy is based on 10 fundamental values, listed in a Decalogue that defines the brand’s identity and traces its route towards the future.
The main value is culture, which for Visionnaire is based on exchanging ideas and promoting dialogue. Behind each collection lies the desire to explore everyone’s ideas and compare them, connect them and create unique intuitions.

Projects that protect the environment and the territory

The entire creative and productive process aims to protect the environment. This new sensitivity caused the company to make new choices based on the diffused production network concept and the idea of valorising human capital, which leads them to collaborate with the excellent resources present in Italy.
The way in which a space is designed influences a person’s quality of life. For this reason, the project is a decisive part of making furnishing solutions that can influence the wellbeing of the people who live in them.
Each object created by Visionnaire is not seen as an alternative to another object, but as an actual piece with its own personality that encloses an idea. In addition to mere practical function, each object inside our home has an emotional impact. This is why Visionnaire wants to create objects that can communicate with their users, to have an actual relationship that attributes the given piece of furniture the quality of “home”.

Dialogue and Contaminations

Visionnaire believes in the inestimable value of Italian heritage, and therefore it develops its concept of diffused production network where it sends all of the knowledge and experiences of the different artisan communities. This is where relationships are created with reciprocal benefits aimed at enhancing the commitment and specializations of small businesses.
Comparisons, dialogue and relationships bring the brand to be open to contaminations that help produce stimulating projects that are always different.
Each object is unique and cannot be copied. On the contrary, Visionnaire offers a model of “repeatable uniqueness”, where many pieces are built in the same way and therefore each one is an authentic masterpiece. Precious materials and tailored manufacturing methods create high end products.
The goal is to create something extraordinary and make our dream furniture real and tangible. This is done by always going beyond standards, and breaking with common ideas. Imagination is everything we need to make furniture that can make a positive impact on our lives. The feelings that connect the object to the person are what Visionnaire defines as the concept of luxury, which is not derived from extraordinary beauty but from a combination of values that survive through time while respecting nature, culture and work.
The brand’s vision is to channel their creative abilities into objects that go beyond defined borders to form completely innovative, eclectic products: a business idea of people who believe in the present and the future.

Unique, Ecliptic Personality Furniture

Visionnaire makes furniture for every room in the home, from the living room to the bath, and creates unique collections that embody the company’s values. They collaborate with the greatest designers in the world to make unique products that have won a variety of awards, such as the Sigfried bench, the Ginevra sofa, the Avalon sofa, the Opera table, the Tanya chair, the Tea Party table and the Marty console.

A living room proposal appreciated throughout the world is the pairing of Visionnaire’s Opera table with the Carmen chairs, both designed by Alessandro la Spada. This round table has a cylindrical wooden base with ridged detailing, divided into wedges and marked by metal elements. The top can be in wood or marble with a cove round edge. Matched with the Carmen chairs, the room appears softer due to their minimal base in light metal. The Carmen chair is comfortable and cosy, with leather upholstery and a backrest with ridged detailing on the outside that matches the table base perfectly.

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