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Barber Osgerby Compact Sofa Knoll

Brand: Knoll

Product category: Knoll Sofas

Designer: Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Availability: On request

Barber Osgerby Compact Sofa is a celebration of comfort in a sofa of small size.

Its compact architecture conjugates the simplicity of the rectangular shape with a soft and generous padding. The sofa’s feet work not only as a support element of the structure, but also as a piece that connects different sections.

Barber Osgerby Compact Sofa is in wood with foam padding. Its aluminium feet can have a chrome, red or black finish and the upholstery can be chosen among many possibilities.

The item is Barber Osgerby Compact Chair’s brother, and it’s part of the collection designed by the Barber Osgerby Studio for Knoll. The collection also includes sofas of bigger size.

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