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Moroso Dealer – Milan - Italy

Moroso international dealer

Moroso has specialised in design and production of a wide range of top-of-the-range home furnishings since 1952. By partnering internationally renowned designers, Moroso’s creations seek the highest standards of both aesthetic and functional quality.

Open to discuss solutions with customers, the company has artfully combined handcrafting know-how and expert tailoring skills with industrial production processes, driven by the idea of “doing and doing things well”. All its furnishings are based on the convergence of design, contemporary art and fashion. Underpinned by the presence of master craftsmen in the Production Department and the use of premium quality materials, Moroso’s products target the luxury market, where all furnishings are produced to measure like a precious tailored garment.

Moroso’s scope is to create furniture that reconciles quality and low environmental impact; hence the choice of cleaner production methods to reduce pollution and the use of materials that can be recycled as far as possible, all strictly guaranteed by international certifications.

Moroso uses objects to relate the stories of people who personally experience living spaces, relating an absorbing passion for design, beauty and art.
For more than 60 years the company’s market approach has been underpinned by the intention to create long-lasting economic value based on respect for all actors involved in the production and distribution chain. Moroso encourages discussion with an open-minded attitude that promotes growth to create a vision of the world that enhances diversity.

Along with world famous designers, Moroso generates beauty to change the world: the object is not the only item imagined; instead, it is associated with both the world and people to anticipate the future. The firm assembles, blends and connects to combine concepts that are, at times, mutually unrelated, in view of establishing unique relationships that, from time to time, relate a different experience of the world. The catalogue of Moroso furnishings is a sort of geography of emotions, in which design is seen as Beauty that obliges us to overcome the dimension of fleeting and random pleasure.

Quality is unquestionably a factor that contributes to make every Moroso product unique: material quality, given by the tailor-like care adopted by craftsmen in choosing raw materials and finishes; design quality, which offers customisation options for all products in the catalogue; cultural quality, the designer’s ability to imagine and interpret various requirements and needs; and, finally, ethical quality, the company’s commitment to respect every figure that contributes to the creation of value.

Furnishing a space implies understanding the unique traits of every place, the story and different habits of those who live in it. Moroso sofas, chairs and armchairs are designed to acknowledge the differences in various living spaces, thus providing products that combine hospitality, functional features and comfort to improve relations between space and people. The idea is to create a place within a place, spaces capable of enhancing both value and personality of rooms.

Moroso armchairs and sofas are designed as meeting and relational places, conceived to be part of domestic settings and also to enhance lounges in hotels, restaurants and offices. The armchairs highlight close cooperation between Moroso and designers: ongoing research focuses on creating iconic objects, which perfectly balance beauty and aesthetics. Moroso Chairs and Stools are the outcome of a design language inspired by the typical know-how and skills of the north-eastern area of Italy, with a long-standing history in the production of high quality chairs.
Moroso’s catalogue also proposes a collection of complements and accessories designed to enhance the entire room’s beauty and harmony. Innovative details add a touch of colour, and elements that break away from tradition are the ideal choice for any setting.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Moroso brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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