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Sicis Dealer – Milan - Italy

Sicis Mosaics Dealer

Founded in 1987, the Sicis brand has transformed the centuries-old pictorial technique of the Mosaic into a high-design work of modern art.
Using the mosaic as a finishing turns anything the brand has to offer into something original and different. Each piece is laid by hand by expert mosaicists in Ravenna, Italy.
Sicis has been creating Marble mosaics since day one. From a more traditional style using age-old techniques, to a more modern style exploiting cutting-edge techniques, customers will find a wide range of colours and features they can customise to suit their tastes and requirements.
Marble pairs up with stone in the Sicistone collection, where the combination of the different materials enables curved lines, unique details and colours, set entirely by hand by expert Italian mosaicists.
Mosaic masonry gives rise to collections catering for different tastes and requirements.
Flower Power features tesserae in Murano glass in bold colours, with detailed compositions and unique glints that transform sunflowers, narcissi, roses and water lilies into living, vibrant subjects.
With the increasingly wide-ranging furnishing collections, you can create a totally harmonious house where everything fits into place, for a home furnished entirely by Sicis.
Sicis offers a varied range of Chairs, Armchairs, Beds, Sofas and Doors. The design is original and dreamlike. Silks and velvets embellish upholstery and the mosaic details create products like no other on the international market.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Sicis brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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