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Zanotta Dealer – Milan - Italy

Zanotta international dealer

Zanotta is a leading manufacturer of Italian design furnishings. It was founded in 1954 by Aurelio Zanotta. Right from the start, the brand received positive feedback from its international clientele because of its large product range that, from a technological and formal innovation standpoint, is quite future-oriented.
This success still endures. In fact, despite the passing years and trends, the company has never lost its initial passion for beauty and the desire to experiment to reach new heights of creativity and design.
Zanotta products are 100% Made in Italy. The production plant located in Nova Milanese handles all phases of assembly and finishing for most of the brand’s models.

Zanotta offers the market a range of innovative and ironic furnishings, made to help people relax, have fun and feel comfortable inside their own homes. The idea of a handcrafted product was surpassed in favour of a more advanced concept of design thanks to the founder’s intuition. At the outset, he had introduced new production technologies and new materials, thus opening the way for the great designers of that time.
The current Zanotta catalogue contains more than 550 products, many of which have won awards and international acknowledgements, and have become part of design history.

The brand’s collections include furnishings and complements for every room in the home: sofas, armchairs, beds, bookcases, tables, chairs and stools that incorporate the concept of tradition and that of contemporary style. Each piece is created with the intention of being “beautiful, useful and long-lasting”, to become a permanent part of the everyday life of the person who buys it.

This can happen only if intuition is supported by quality. To reach this goal, Zanotta carefully selects all materials that must be processed with extreme care in full consideration of their unique characteristics. Quality is also intended to be excellence, which is reached when a product becomes a reference point due to its fine finish, the high degree of attention to detail invested in it, and its extreme functionality. Each product from the Zanotta collection is safe and durable over time, not only according to the standards and regulations that apply to it, but also thanks to the post-sales service that is offered, ready to help the client in every way.

Collaborations with world famous designers like Achille Castiglioni, Ludovica Palomba, and Gae Aulenti have rendered Zanotta capable of making particularly emblematic furnishings that bring it to be a reference point in the global furnishing sector. The company’s furniture is mentioned in many books on design history, and some pieces are currently on display at the MoMa, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the George Pompidou Centre in Paris.
In 1989, Zanotta first introduced an exclusive collection called “Zanotta Edizioni”, which is rich in handcrafted components that are no longer widely used such as mosaics, inlay and painted decorations.

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