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Up 2000 armchair B&B Italia

Brand: B&B Italia

Product category: B&B Italia Armchairs

Designer: Gaetano Pesce

Availability: On request

The UP 2000 armchair is an iconic creation by Gaetano Pesce. The item won the 27th Compasso d’Oro ADI 2022 and it is a part of the Up series.

The design of the Up armchair refers to the votive statues of the prehistoric era. The sinuous lines of the armchair make you think of a mother’s womb. The ideas of comfort and relaxation, communicated by the enveloping design of the armchair, are combined with the idea of an obstacle, created with a spherical ottoman. The Up Junior version is a part of the Up collection, and it has a smaller size in order to meet children’s needs.

The comfortable shapes invite you to enjoy relaxation and the coral upholstery completes the unmistakable style of Up.

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