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Parentesi Flos

Brand: Flos

Product category: Flos Suspension Lamps

Designer: Achille Castiglioni

Availability: On request

The Parentesi suspension lamp for Flos was created by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu, and it is notable for its modest appearance, which is the product of a classic and everlastingly dynamic elegance.

The movement of the luminous body along the vertical supporting axis in tubular steel ensures that direct light will be diffused throughout the room.

A steel wire is used to support the axis, and it is strung between the top base, which is fastened to the ceiling, and the lower base, which is fastened to the floor.

The light intensity can be changed from low to high using the electronic dimmer switch that is built into the power cord of the lamp.

The Parentesi suspension lamp's sleek silhouette, which evokes a sensation of weightlessness, makes it a versatile accessory for any environment and furniture arrangement.

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