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Forma Mentis Valcucine

Brand: Valcucine

Product category: Valcucine Kitchen

Designer: Gabriele Centazzo

Availability: On request

Gabriele Centazzo has designed the Forma Mentis for Valcucine. This kitchen aims to achieve high functionality and customization to fit the user’s needs.

One interesting feature of the Valcucine Forma Mentis is the ergonomic handle-less design of the doors, made with slanted edges and micro-ridges to make the opening process much more practical. These handle-less doors give this kitchen a clean look that highlights the surfaces and materials.

Valcucine Forma Mentis is made with the highest quality materials and finishes to guarantee good ergonomics and lasting performance. Doors corners are protected with aluminium profiles that also guarantee resistance over time. Each daily movement will be simpler and more harmonious because of these excellent details that distinguish this kitchen, even if they are not directly visible. Resistance is the result of continuous qualitative analysis that Valcucine carries out with its technical team, working to guarantee the highest standards of resistance to light, humidity, shocks, and stains.

For more information, or to design your Valcucine Forma Mentis kitchen, contact us or come visit our showroom in Milan, in Via Fatebenefratelli 11.

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