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Riciclantica Valcucine

Brand: Valcucine

Product category: Valcucine Kitchen

Designer: Gabriele Centazzo

Availability: On request

The kitchen Riciclantica by Valcucine, designed by Gabriele Centazzo, stands out from other products for its ecological and technical objectives.

Rule number one of the Riciclantica Valcucine project is safeguarding the environment without giving up design and functionality. The idea is to build kitchens using fewer amounts of materials that are durable, recyclable, and treated with non-toxic products to protect human health and the environment. The choice of using aluminium inside the kitchen structure makes it possible to make the thin lightweight doors that are also resistant to humidity and heat.

Riciclantica is a completely customizable modular project that our architects will design to fit your specific needs. Perfect functionality and elegant lines result in what Valcucine calls “resistant lightness”. Wall-mounted cabinets can be designed as you like to create a dynamic contemporary project. The available finishes produce an impressive look, ancestral tactile impact, and unique emotional responses: you can choose to combine different materials such as carbon fibre, steel, and aluminium or create your kitchen with a single material to achieve a pure look with timeless, harmonious aesthetics.

Come and touch the different surfaces of the Valcucine Riciclantica at our showroom in Via Fatebenefratelli, Milan or contact us for a quotation.

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