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Cappellini Dealer – Milan - Italy

Cappellini international dealer

For nearly a century, Carpanelli has been expertly working with wood and making cabinetry.

Today, they produce contemporary classic furnishings with carefully selected woods enhanced with exquisite intarsio designs in mother-of-pearl, stone and precious metals.

Each piece is unique and is marked with a registered trademark that further enhances it.

Carpanelli is made for a selective international clientele with a refined taste.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Cappellini brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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Gilda Lido Dining Chair by Cappellini

Cappellini is proudly presenting one of the new pieces from its outdoor collection, the Gilda Lido dining chair, which has emerged from the creativity of the studio…

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Newood Lido by Cappellini: Durable Elegance for Outdoors

The BrogliatoTraverso firm has expanded its collection of Newood chairs with a new piece called the Newood Lido, specifically designed for outdoor spaces. In this…

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Table or Sculpture? Miya by Cappellini

Designer Elena Salmistraro has crafted a sculptural table for the new Cappellini collection: Miya is a coffee table made using a magical game of overlapping…

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Table, Bench, or Sculpture: POH by Cappellini

The new POH Bench (POH is an acronym for Patchwork Oval Hemisphere) by Cappellini was designed by Raphael Navot, an artist and product designer born in Jerusalem who…

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Sculptural Curves: Peg Bed by Capellini

The Peg Bed presents sinuous curves and an incomparably modern and flexible image. It’s part of the collection designed by the Japanese firm Nendo, a collective of…

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